Do you take traditional wedding photos as well?

Yes, we also offer traditional wedding photos. These classic pictures will bring parents and grandparents’ great joy and you will have the opportunity to show them to your grandchildren in the years to come.

Is it possible to have photos taken on a date other than the day of the actual wedding?

Of course, this is also possible. Over the last couple of years most couples have chosen this opportunity as we are able to recreate the moment in a much more relaxed environment.

What is a photography session like?

We usually arrive a few hours before the ceremony begins, so we can grasp the ambience of the wedding. We like to be a part of the important moments before the wedding, since these moments are the foundations of good, ambient photos. If possible, we may stage photos before the ceremony, however we usually suggest to have these taken on a different day. (Please see response to previous question.) We can photograph creative and traditional photos of the events following the ceremony as well. We follow and document all important moments from pre-dinner speeches to the bridal dance and then, wrap it up with a group photo before we say farewell.

Is it possible to view and select the pictures before ordering them?

After processing the shots, you will receive 300-400 touched-up pictures and about 1200 raw images in high resolution. Your relatives and friends will also have the opportunity to view and order photos from a web gallery we provide.